Wed 04 May 2014
Red warning issued Poverty across scotland

Wednesday 18:24
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Today’s outlook: Bleak

With a sixth of people living in Scotland unable to afford to heat their homes this winter and a fifth of children in Scotland officially living below the breadline, poverty in Scotland is a much more widespread problem than you might have realised. Here you can see how things are looking across Scotland this week and into the future.

Test your outlook

How much do you really know about Scotland’s poor outlook?

How many people in Scotland are living in poverty right now?
  • 15,000
  • 150,000
  • 500,000
  • More than 850,000

Long term outlook

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Welfare reforms impacts Scots families in poverty

Welfare reforms impacts Scots families in poverty

Families in Scotland are being affected by Westminster’s changes to the benefit system, according to ministers.

The changes are expected to reduce welfare expenditure in Scotland by around £6 billion over the six years to 2015-16, it is claimed.

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“The forecast for Scotland in 2014 is frightening. What can you do to help those in crisis? -”